Silvretta Montafon Ski Area

  • 75 lifts
  • 292 km of slopes
  • 2430m = highest point

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Plus points

Suitable for beginners

Montafon is eminently suitable for beginners. In almost all parts of the valley you will find numerous beautiful blue slopes. A number of blue slopes in the Silvretta Montafon ski area include some very tough stretches, so take care if you give them a try.

Suitable for advanced skiers

All parts of the valley have a number of (very) tough black slopes. These are the best choice for skiers looking for a challenge.

Fantastic off-piste skiing

The Montafon has above-average snowfall levels, and its relatively steep slopes are ideal for off-piste skiing. Many of the slopes are easily accessible from the ski lifts. The Nidla ski route in Gargellen is very popular.

No flat stretches

For snowboarders this is a superb area. Only around the rolling slopes of Grasjoch will you regularly see snowboarders having to get out of their bindings. Some ski lifts are inconveniently positioned, making them only accessible by means of a breakneck descent.

Good food on the piste

Most of the restaurants on the slopes are relatively cheap self-service establishments. Fortunately the range of small restaurants is getting better, including Pizzeria Barga in Gargellen and Brunellawirt above Gortipohl.


Lots of families come to this area, so a big effort is made to keep the kids happy. However, all the playgrounds are located up the mountain, which means it’s a bit of a walk.

Easy accessible

Relatively close, with a journey that’s almost entirely motorway, the Montafon valley is extremely easy to reach.

Superb variety on the slopes

Because there are so many different areas, your surroundings are constantly changing. The piste winds its way through the trees at certain points, while at other times you find yourself out in the high mountains.